SR Digital Management Services Analytics


Website analytics reporting has to be precise, but also digestible. The whole purpose of reporting is to better inform a business, you shouldn’t be wasting valuable time sifting through numbers. SRDM analyze’s that data for you, presenting conclusive findings easily translatable into marketing strategies.



The first step in our analytics process is to familiarize ourselves with a brand by uncovering baseline performance metrics. In order to accurately report on growth (if it’s declining we can help fix that too) these baseline metrics are a key starting point. From there, depending on the desired frequency, we create custom reports complete with in-depth analysis and actionable insights. We understand that analytics aren’t everyone’s forte, and sometime’s can become overwhelming, so we make it a point to guide our clients through each step of the process. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to better position the brand for online (and offline) success.