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Once a firm SEO base is a set, the next step is to devise a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. More often than not, SEM is overlooked by companies, as it’s seen as an “unnecessary cost”, where most instead opt to allocate advertising spend on social media or display ads. Depending on the business those may be the best options, but for a wealth of businesses proper SEM investment can yield better results, both in the long and short terms. While the spend is active, SEM directly increases web traffic, but the benefits can compound if a proper SEO foundation has been built.



We begin this process with a keyword audit of the current website, bringing to light the highest ranked terms. We’ll then audit three-to-five competitors in an effort to improve the site’s current standing in those areas, while (hopefully) simultaneously dropping their rankings. When the keywords are determined, our copywriters will create ad copy, followed by implementing the campaign once approved.